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GEOWTH AND DEVJELOPMENTOF THE STATE 58 State School Superintendent . 103 Twenty-flrst Infantry liiil Twenty-si'oond Infantry 104 Twenty-third' Infantry ._ 104 Twenty-fourth Infantry 105 Tweniy fifth Infant. I^,j Iiiii 1(7 l OT lli7 101 Twent.v-ninth Infantry Thirtieth infantry Thirty-fl st Infantry Thirty-second Infantry Thirty-third 1 nfantry . EDUCATIONAL 462 School Fund Commissioner 471 County Superintendent of Schools 471 CHAPTER XVII. 489 Twenty-third Infantry 489 Thirty-ninth Infantry 495 Forty-sixth Infantry 499 Fiwt, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth Cavalry. VICTORIA TOWNSHIP 678 Early Settlement 578 Organic— Educational 585 Historic Events 586 CHAPTER XXII. Langworthy crossed the Mi'ssissippi and commenced mining in the vicinity around Dubuque. 45 tinguished, and these adventurous persons were beyond the limits of any State or Territorial government. We further agree that there shall be chosen by the majority of the miners present, a person who shall hold this article, and who shall grant letters of arbitration on application having been made, and that said letters of arbitration shall be obligatory on the parties so apply- ing." ' The report was accepted by the miners present, who elected Dr. Here, then, we have, in 1830, a primitive Legislature elected by the people, the law drafted by it being submitted to the people for ap- proval, and under it Dr. And the laws thus enacted were as promptly obeyed as any have been since.

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Before him was spread out a beautiful prairie, on which the city of Dubuque now stands. Part of them were removed to Kansas in the fall of 1845, and the rest the spring following. What was known as the Girard settlement, in Clayton county, was made by some parties prior to the commencement of the present century. Louis Honori settled on the site of the present town of Montrose, probably in 1799, and resided thereuntil 1805, when his property passed into other hands. By the terms of this treaty they were to be removed from the country at the expiration of three years, and all who remained after that were to move at their own expense. The first permanent settlement made by ■whites within the limits of Iowa, was by Jalien Dubuqae,in 1788, when, with a small party of miners, he settled on the site of the city that now bears his name, where he lived until his death, in 1810. Crossing the Mississippi at a point now known as Dun- leith, in a canoe, and swimming his horse by his side, he landed on the spot known as the Jones Street Levee. PLEASANT TOWNSHIP Early Settlement ■ Historic Educ Htional Religious Griswold The Beginning T. ATLANTIC TOWNSHIP Early Settlement Early Items and Incidents Grovb City Business Interests— Postofflce. To explore these mines, and to obtain permission to work them was there- fore eminently desirable.

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