Wsus server not updating itself 2016

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Hello, i have some issues with WSUS , Up to windows 2012 R2 and windows 10 the client can receive the update but on windows 2016 didn't work is there any special configuration require ?some time i'm getting error message 0x8024401c but i have fixed the issues from here https:// and now it is showing (your device is up to date.I have installed WSUS server on a windows 2003 R2 standard edition sp2.I have created a OU in AD for WSUS Server and I have created a WSUS_Server group in WSUS console. I ran the clent diagnostic check on WSUS server and all the results are successful. I have run the RSOP to confirm if its getting the right AD policy and it is getting the right i don't understand the concept , i try to do the same on different windows 2016 but still the same issues !the updates reflected as needed, have you approved their install to the group where that server is?double check that you do not have two A record for the WSUS server, one for the current active one and one for the old one, that was not removed......

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The minute I approve the updates, I check if the updates are getting downloaded by clicking the WSUS Servername in the console.

checking for updates every three hours is rather unnecessary.

do you use client targeting such that some systems are in one group under the wsus computers folder, ... in which case, unless the update is approved for all, it will not be seen as available for install by members of the unassigned group.

Check whether the update actually completed downloading all its data.

unless the update is fully downloaded it wil not be made available to the system og to see what happens when this system is attempting to contact the WSUS server and what errors if any there are. Out of the box, it will not comunicate with wsus, at least the windows update services will be constantly crashing when you try.

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