Wrestlers dating other wrestlers

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She dominated and decimated the opposition while somehow also playing the cowardly heel.But credit where credit is due; being given the opportunity is one thing, making the most of it is another.Elizabeth and Savage actually got divorced, before reuniting in WCW, with Elizabeth being Savage’s manager once more.Miss Elizabeth’s life came to a tragic end back in 2003. Sunny Sunny is widely considered to be the original Diva in professional wrestling.

Mc Cool was doing just fine without ‘Taker, but being married to the most influential star of the last 25 years certainly must have helped her career. Miss Elizabeth Miss Elizabeth is the true First Lady of professional wrestling.She may have found her end thanks to a combination of alcohol and pills, but in the eyes of any wrestling fan, she will always be Miss Elizabeth, one of the greatest women in the history of professional wrestling. One of the most charismatic performers of all time, Sunny wasn’t with WWE for a very long time, but she left a lasting impression on both the promotion and on audiences.Sunny had a bit of a reputation backstage as a woman who enjoyed bouncing from relationship to relationship.They’ve been kept separate for one separate reason; they benefited by dating a top wrestler in very different ways.Brie Bella found her one true love during her time with WWE, Daniel Bryan.

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