Women dating younger men trend

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More over women felt themselves more attractive and confident than before.They built comfortable lives but have no one to share them with.Bar scene is not a suitable place for meeting potential partners any more, and older women are more likely to choose younger men using online dating services like Luv and craigslist.Almost 28 percent of women in their fifties say in personal ads that they’d love to meet men younger than 39.Women love men that can hold their own and know how to maturely handle situations like, for example, serious relationships.In my life I can count off at least 10 women, that I personally know, who are currently dating younger, and to be quite frank they've never been happier.I have also been with a younger man and can agree that age wasn't a factor at all.

According to the survey conducted by MSNBC at the beginning of 2014, 40 millions of women and men in US seeking new dates online.

Within my years of high school I was always told dating an older guy is always better.

To go more in depth, it was because we were always told that men don't mature until an older age whereas women mature at a much younger age.

Young men say mature women are sexy and feminine, they know what they want from life and are drama free.

In most cases guys look for older women for casual relationships, but there are young men who’re seeking long – terms and love online.

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