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This was a big accomplishment for female rap, as well as for Lil' Kim, who scored her first number 1 Hot 100 hit "Lady Marmalade" also garnered Lil' Kim her first Grammy Award.

In her teens, Jones would freestyle rap, heavily influenced by fellow female hip-hop artists like MC Lyte and The Lady of Rage. Many of her friends also went there, and they would all often skip school to hang out with each other. Lil' Kim's increasing popularity as a member of Junior M. It was on this LP that the well-known hip-hop feud between Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown escalated.

You may want to sit down for this: Azealia Banks is picking fights with celebrities who are much more famous than she is.

We know you're shocked, but this time things are different, because Azealia comes off like a horrendous bigot who just runs her mouth without any regard for facts or who she might hurt. Today is April 15, which means that if you haven't filed your taxes, you might as well just head to the local police station, turn yourself in, and pray that you don't get Aaron Hernandez as a cellmate. But seriously, not paying your taxes can land you in serious trouble, especially if you're a high-profile multi-millionaire.

She was born as Kimberly Denise Jones on July 11, 1974, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York to her mother Ruby Mae Jones and her father, Linwood Jones. Papers, is the father of Lil Kim’s beautiful daughter, Royal Reign.

She grew up with an older brother, Christopher in a white community where she had to face a lot of backlash due to her skin color. When Lil was pregnant with Royale, Jeremy allegedly cheated on her with another woman. Right after their split in 2015, Lil decided not to raise Royal together with Jeremy.

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