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But don't let my lack of judgement towards the taboo side of life fool you; I'm a big softy on the inside who consistently strives to make the world a better place to live in one word at a time.

Lake Bell is an American author, director, and performer.

The look is very Etsy-chic, as if she were someone who might make her own shampoo if she didn't have better things to do. Black has the intellect and demeanor of a person who snacked on paint chips, she does share a similarity with all of Bell's characters: You can tell Bell is having a great time playing her. When she left New York City to go to boarding school at age fourteen, writing became Bell's way of connecting with her mom. "Writing letters back and forth with her was an athletic endeavor, and it became something I really looked forward to." Those letters led to a journaling habit, and soon Bell stopped writing to Mom so she could concentrate on writing for herself.

Bell slides her last puck down the table and we follow it to the other end. She focused primarily on dialogue and dialect, although not always to the greatest effect.

It's full of funny performances from Bell and Corddry and a cast of real voice-over actors whose voices are so lush and velvety, you could almost rest your head on them.

Sundance liked it, too, and Bell won the festival's Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award in 2013. She'd had some practice directing—if a few plays in high school count.

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