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, the tattoo features a name written in Korean, in honor of his new 23-year old girlfriend, Ellen Ross. Before you decorate your body in works of art, you’ll want to consider if getting a tattoo with your significant other’s name is a wise thing to do. Love is not always forever, but a tattoo is: If you’re considering getting your partner’s name tattooed on your body, don’t rush into it, and get one to please the other person. Removal procedure are painful, costly, and time consuming.Cupid’s Advice: While it may seem like a declaration of love at the time, Cupid is here to help paint a clear picture. And never make this decision when alcohol is involved. Love is stronger than body art: Do you really need a tattoo to show your commitment to someone?So when Ellen Ross agreed to be interviewed by us, we were grateful for the opportunity to allow her to address what she perceives as the misconceptions and lies that have been spread about Jon and her. At first I thought it would be hard to deal with the criticism, but everyone close to me knows the truth and they support Jon and me 100% and that is most important to me. Do you have a specific game plan for dealing with them? A: I work for the state government and I have been there for 5 years. Many of my friends have children and I enjoy spending time with kids.Just as background: we submitted our questions to Ms. She said she preferred this method as it allowed her to be more thoughtful with her responses. Ross to comment on several issues that we thought IW readers would be interested in. I don’t get caught up with what the magazines and internet say. A: It is definitely a new thing for me, I just pretend they aren’t there and go about doing my thing. Q: Do you have experience dealing with young children (i.e. What are the fun parts of spending time with the kids? Q: Were you nervous when Jon introduced you to his children? Q: Have you met anyone in Jon’s family besides his children?We have seen firsthand the damage that internet gossip can cause. Q: What is the one thing you have most in common with Jon? Q: What have been the challenges of dating someone in the public eye?The tabloids cause additional harm in their quest for juicy stories over the truth. A: Once you date someone in the public eye, you are in the public eye yourself.cites a tattoo artist who gives his opinion on the matter, and says there are lots of reasons not to do it.“I have rarely done this type of tattoo on someone who didn’t have some notion of the possible regrets one might encounter in the future,” the artist said.

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Here is wishing a big Imperfect Women Merry Christmas to the Gosselin family this season!

On Twitter, someone asked her about the story regarding Jon’s current girlfriend and she responded, “ha. ” Kate also has a new blog post up at Coupon Cabin.

She discusses how this year she will start a new tradition in her family and have their big Christmas holiday meal on Christmas Eve before they attend services.

Q: We have seen pictures of Jon and you walking a dog. Do you care to share some details (name, breed, how long you have had him/her)? Pixie is 5 years old, Grace is 3 years old, and Stella is about 8 months old. I love my dogs and I take them with me almost everywhere I go.

I attend a lot of dog/chihuahua events with them and am a part of a few Chihuahua forums on the internet.

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