Who is buddha from i love new york dating

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Oh gosh I just had a flash back when he spit in dudes face and was bout to jump through the wall. I think he will treat her right, or any woman for that matter. Taylor Made has objectified her; he is not in live with her. She couldn't deal with someone who was not going to stand for her tomfoolery. I cannot believe that people are watching this show (don't get me wrong, I watch it too! This girl Tiffany, huh, is boosting her career as well. Now Budda aka Ezra, this ish is JUST ANOTHER NOTCH IN HIS RESUME'.

Something about him screams gentleman and he adores black women. She was a mission, something to be conquered (bought), and the thrill will be gone just like with is first wife. Why would any woman want a man that she can talk to any kind of way and has no backbone what so ever oh well to each its own I just hope I don't see another ilny. NY wants a do-boy, a punching bag, someone she can tell what to do. THIS ISH IS NOT REALITY JUST A BUNCH OF OUT OF WORK ACTORS TRYING TO MAKE A DIME. ya'll all crazy as hell this is a FAKE "reality" show you guys have got caught up in the foolishness which is "new york" tailor made is an average guy without "a pot to piss in" and tiffany is a stripper/whore from new york get real people this FAKE "reality" show, shows that people will believe anything what kind of crazy world do we live in!!!

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For six months Tiffany and her boyfriend, Hunter were engaged until he called off their engagement on the reunion show.

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Tiffany Pollard was born on January 6, 1982, in Utica, New York, the USA to Michelle Rothschild-Patterson and Alex Pollard.

She was born to parents who were not married to each other.

I hope he mellows her out where she can now go and sit down somewhere. I tolerate ny so that was as far as I would go with the foolishness. I AM ONE OF THOSE FANS THAT COULDNT WAIT TO SEE WHO WON!!! New York is a little girl, she prefers a simp who shrinks and cowars and is dim in her light.

Speaking of which I beat money sis patterson will take tailor when ny dumps him on the reunion! She is not ready for a man, she can't handle a person who is sure of themselves and who shines as much as she wants to. How does she expect him to be her protector when he couldn't even stand up for himself when Budda was slappin him up like a little bitch????

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