Who is bob forrest dating

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I had a sponsor early on that dumped me because I was on medication for a medical condition it turns out I didn’t have—still, it wasn’t her call. Of course, I know Suboxone is not like taking an antidepressant—it’s an opiate, and I know that opiates get people high.I had another sponsor, years later, tell me that sex outside a committed monogamous relationship was akin to taking a drink. I think the real reason I’m bothered by Bob’s stance is because of the work I do at a needle exchange in Upper Manhattan.This is what harm reduction means: it means meeting people where they’re at and treating them with respect.

If someone would have told me that all of this is what was required of me when I entered into recovery, I probably wouldn’t have stopped drinking. And even then, were that to happen, I get to decide what that means.

Personally, my definition of sobriety has changed throughout the years. As years progressed, I gave more consideration to my emotional sobriety.

I’ve set more bottom lines and identified accessory behaviors to avoid acting out in other compulsive ways.

I didn’t hate the guy because he seemed to genuinely care about addicts; at the same time, he didn’t strike me as being an expert any more than the rest of us. Drew’s wing, having opened his own treatment facility and started describing himself as “one of the finest drug counselors living today.” The former rocker known for intoxicated rants and onstage antics is now in charge and unedited and it shows.

In a recent post, he joked that his blog ought to be named The Open Minded Report, because, as he described them, his writings were an antecedent to “close-minded Southern Californian AA Fascist[s].” And it gets better from there.

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