What to write on a online dating profile dean cortez dating younger women rar

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If you think about it though, do you really want to trick someone into going on a date with you?

Maybe you’re anxious about the fact that you have children. If it’s a deal breaker for her, that isn’t going to change because she’s been on a date with you. If you’re just looking for something short term, be open about that too.

You aren’t trying to top the New York Times Best Seller list here so you can afford to relax a little.

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Take the first line of my Tinder profile for example: “Dad jokes, dad bod, loving father to zero children” In just nine words I’m demonstrating several things without ever saying them.

Since women don’t struggle for interested suitors, that’s probably going to result in you being skipped.

The next time you think about tabbing over a field in your profile, remember this!

Likewise, when she sees a profile that’s half-done, she’ll draw a reasonable (and maybe accurate) assumption -- that you’re only half-way committed.

If you only invest the effort to complete half a profile, she expects you’ll put that same level of effort into her.

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