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This simple page consists of three headings, three paragraphs, one hyperlink, and one unordered list.

In recent times, standards compliance of browsers has reached the point where, as long as you write valid code, all the major browsers should interpret your code the same way.

This is almost always the case for HTML at least, with other standards having a few more differences in support here and there.

This article introduces the concept of validation, and shows how to use the online W3C validator to validate your HTML.

So you’ve written a few HTML pages, and they seem to display okay, but there are a few things not quite right with them.

This makes finding and fixing syntax errors much easier than logic errors, which result in those general head-scratching moments of, “Why isn’t it doing what I want?

” Validators, as you might expect, can only find syntax errors.

However, syntax errors in a web page do not commonly cause the web browser to refuse to display the page.

This inherent forgiveness in web browsers is one of the biggest reasons for the rapid adoption and spread of the web.

Even if you forget to close a tag, your page will usually still display.

Valid HTML is the only contract you have with the browser manufacturers.

The HTML specification says how you should write documents, and how they should interpret them.

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