Vaasa dating

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In Kamppi area, I checked out a few, like Molly Malones, Gloria, Tavastia, Tiger, Corona etc...

They are pleasant and mostly play nice music (even though the beer prices are kinda absurd...)Being a 28-yr old single man, the major motivation for going to pub is to check out the women (ahem! I have read in many places about the difficulty in getting a Finn to chat up with you.

And in almost all cases, it'll be a Finnish group (of men and women) and then it seems really rude and difficult to talk to any of them.

Of course its not impossible, but you are much more likely to be dismissed by some arrogant pretty girl than if you were a handsome, sun-kissed Mediterranean, for example.

I know quite a few indians and shri-lankans here and they often lament how Finnish women apply some kind of stigma to them (asian men also).

There is this thing called "Cafe Lingua" where people meet to practice different languages.

English is obviously quite popular and after a few weeks you'll probably made a few friends and, who knows, even find yourself a date.

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