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All information (including email) relating to University business should be maintained in accordance with records management policy and procedures.This applies to email and other electronic records, Employee (faculty and staff) email correspondence, as well as other records, are covered by UW Guidelines for the Release of University Records.If you are living in UW residence halls, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules for using those services.Choose your passwords carefully, change them regularly, and protect them from abuse.

Where and how confidential and restricted data is stored matters; for example, if confidential data is stored on a portable device it must be suitably protected.

The University reserves the right to deactivate a Web page at any time and without notice for violations of policy or for security reasons.

Computing and networking services in UW residence halls are provided to support student academic activity.

You should be aware that law and policy relating to the use of state resources specifically prohibit faculty and staff from: Evidence of illegal activities or policy violations will be turned over to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible after detection.

Depending upon their nature, violations of law or policy will be met with responses including revocation of access, suspension of accounts, disciplinary actions, and prosecution.

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