Usps tracking not updating for days

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In example, you sent copy document through USPS for applying to college.

As those document are copied, then you can make another copy and sent those again to your destination place.

The case of USPS tracking hasn’t updated in 5 days have occurred many times to USPS customers.

If this case also happen to you, then make a complaint as soon as possible to USPS.

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Read What time is USPS Delivery Hours Today In this case, you will not get any refund and it might take times too, because USPS needs to search for your package. In example that the package have delivered to its destination and the status have been reported through tracking system, but then because of error system.The tracking status might not able be appeared on your tracking system.It might because your mail is not yet being delivered to the destination address.Read USPS Premium Forwarding Service It might be the package is still in USPS office, and your package is still delayed before sending to the destination place.

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