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We did spend a few hours walking around the park and talking.

We've had a good day and we're going to go on a run together next week, and I'm not sure if she's interested.

Before this happened we've exchanged a lot of messages, emails and texts - we have some interests, we're both keen runners and we both have "proper" office jobs - she's a trainee lawyer (27yo) and I'm a marketing executive (26yo). I initiated hand-holding and we did hold hands till we go to a location were we had a drink and a nibble.

I think we really hit it off on the 1st date, we didn't kiss or anything, but it went really well and I set up one for today. Then when we were walking around this lake in a park we did brush hands but she didn't grab mine, and I didn't want to force it, so I just kept it cool.

I'm wondering if I should dress more casual this time, I'm thinking of wearing my indigo 511s and a graphite crew neck but still wear nice shoes, like brogues (or should I just wear trainers? Other option more smart-casual would be chinos and a casual shirt (pastel red/pink) and also brogues I think. One of the benefits to being a guy is the latitude you have with jeans and t-shirt. Weather this summer was a joke, but it's supposed to be "sun and a cloud" tomorrow, so I hope it doesn't flipin' rain!

And a grey v-neck sweater in case it gets a bit cold. With brogues, it becomes a smarter outfit and seems less sloppy.

These games have remained a distinctly Japanese trend, though."The first dating training in virtual reality," the website boasts."Learn how to boost your confidence and overcome shyness when meeting a woman."With apps like Tinder and the rise of virtual reality porn, it does seem now more than ever that dating is going digital."Each lesson takes a brief turn for the frighteningly manipulative," Hayden writes.

Akkor frissen érkezett határátkelőként még inkább a várakozás és az első élmények (és munkakeresési csalódások) voltak hangsúlyosak.

Nos, azóta eltelt két év, most pedig következik az azóta eltelt időszak története.Én pedig ugye pont az ellentettjét éltem át az országban, ezért nem is nagyon értettem az ő problémáját (pontosabban annyit tudtam neki mondani: „keress másik állást, oldd meg, ennyi”).

On our 1st date we where both dresses smart-casual, and we've both made a joke about being over-dressed comparing to all the other people in the venues we went to.

She's a trainee lawyer and I'm a marketing exec, both 26 years old. You can try and do a henley or something that's a little different than just a plain t-shirt, but either way it's cool.

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