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In 2007, the TWDB was named by the 80th State Legislature as the State agency tasked with coordinating the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) within the State.

The NFIP State Coordinator acts as the liaison between the Federal component of the program and the local communities, with the primary duty to provide guidance, outreach and education to the communities to assist in meeting the Federal eligibility requirements for entrance into the NFIP and also assist the communities with maintaining their participating status in the NFIP.

The Texas state legislature modified the 2015 IRC required Energy Rating Index scores to a set of scaled scores that increases in stringency over time.

The required index scores in Texas are: Climate Zones 2 & 3 To view the new Texas energy code go to 2015 IECC and Energy Rating Index Option.

For state-owned or -funded buildings, the provisions are adopted through the state's administrative process of publication, public comment, and hearings.

For state-owned or -funded buildings, the cognizant state agency enforces the code.

The governing body must determine economic feasibility for each function by comparing the estimated cost of providing energy for the function using conventional design practices and energy systems with the estimated cost of providing energy for the function using energy efficient architecture and design or alternative energy devices during the economic life of the building.

The new Texas code includes an Energy Rating Index compliance option.After comments are reviewed, SECO then makes the decision whether to adopt the latest energy codes in Texas.Local municipalities or counties may choose to adopt local amendments to the energy code provided that the amendments do not result in less stringent energy efficiency requirements than the adopted state-mandated energy codes.For all other buildings, the cognizant local government enforces the code.If a jurisdiction adopts an energy code, the code is enforced through the permit/inspection process for new construction and additions.

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