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Then, to populate the lists with the correct contacts, drag and drop them from the main collection to the specific list in the sidebar.

For mac OS users, any changes you wish to make to Lists should be performed in the mac OS Contacts app.

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Select There is currently an issue adding students with Office 365 account via Outlook Web Access.

In this guide, the relevant timings are explained and instructions are given in how you can directly force an update and resync, which can be very handy when troubleshooting or when you work in an Exchange environment which sees a lot of user mailbox mutations.

This means that in the worst possible scenario, an update to the Address Book won’t become available to the user until 48 hours after the change.

The Email/URL Selection program (P01018S) allows you to locate email and URL addresses based on different criteria you enter.

You can send an email or browse URL addresses from this program.

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