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The below screen print shows the updated text in our example.exec sp_dropextendedproperty @name=N' SNO' ,@level0type = N' Schema', @level0name = 'dbo' ,@level1type = N' Table', @level1name = 'mytest' ,@level2type = N' Column', @level2name = 'sno' go We have seen the how to add, update and delete Extended Properties in SQL Server.It can compare and synchronize live databases and native or natively compressed database backups, script folders and source control projects, and it generates comprehensive reports on the detected differences.To restore the backup to a newer SQL Server version: This way, migrating an old version of SQL Server database to a newer version is done via the schema synchronization of the original database backup and a blank live database first, and data synchronization afterwards.The properties can be updated for tables, views, triggers and so on.Developers can use this feature for extensive database objects which can be used for reference for many SQL Server objects.

Extended properties are a useful feature in SQL Server which can be used for documentation and content purposes.Then right click on column "sno" and select Properties and go to the Extended Properties page.The below screenshot shows the Extended Properties for column "sno" is empty after the table is created.The SQL Server AFTER UPDATE trigger will fire after the Update operation is completed on a table.In this article, we will show you, How to write the After UPDATE Triggers in SQL Server with an example.

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