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Sex is often seen as a means to an end - the majority of people marry for convenience or money, not love; the majority have lovers - and, as it is more or less freely part of life, Ukrainian people are quite sexually liberated.Intimate displays of affection are common: a display of 'passionate love'....Capitalism and materialism are relatively new here and everyone is under pressure to 'own', to spend, to many girls turn to prostitution of one sort or another to try and lead the lifestyle they desire.But......there is a 'dirty' underside to life in Odessa.

The go to university, get married, have children, look after the home and the man provides them with all they need.then one visits and they stay in a fancy hotel and have expensive meals and the girls milk these men for all they can.It is, in essence, their job (but, like mentioned above, a sort of acceptable quasi-prostitution). if you contact a Ukrainian (especially Odessan) girl over the net and develop a 'relationship' keep in mind the fact that you may not be the only 'love' of that young lady. You've probably seen them on the internet and have your own opinions, but here is some more information that I have learned first-hand during the last couple of years of living in the home of these 'most beautiful women'. Some women here may look great, but that doesn't mean they are beautiful 'inside' (see below...).Most eat well and go to the gym, so, yes, they look 'beautiful'...

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