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because I am a woman)) I wanna be with my man every moment and i am not looking for one night relations in here..minimum 30 nigh...more about Anna from Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk I deffinitely know what I want from life. more about Irina from Kiev I am not perfect but I am trying to become better than yesterday me.The West part of the country tends to speak Ukrainian exclusively while the East prefers Russian.Generally speaking, the West is more ‘Europe integrated’ while the East is more Russian aligned.Most Ukrainian customs are likely comparable with your own.There are only a few items that we feel are worth mentioning.

We encourage you to do your own research and use the information below as just a basic guide. There are two basic parts of Ukraine which is East and West.If you ask a woman to pay or to split the bill, you can be assured that you will be going home alone.It is perfectly normal in Ukraine for men to strike up conversations with women on the streets or basically anywhere.When on a date with a Ukrainian women – think courting process and you will have success.Ukraine also instills strong emphasis on respecting the elders, so one is expected to give up seats to elderly people in the metro, especially if they are veterans of World War II.

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