Two black panthers blocking and intimidating voters Hot chat without registration

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Although Metzger is no friend to African Americans, both he and NBPP members share a common belief that white and black people should live in separate countries.

At that 1993 meeting, Michaels claimed that the NBPP had formed 20 chapters.

The injunction was never enforced and NBPP continues to use the pilfered name and logo.

They also believe Jewish businesses prey on black communities.

It also refers to black people who condone mixed-race relationships as the “modern day Custodians [sic] of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Many NBPP members are also current or former members of the Nation of Islam who vocalize deep resentment toward Jews because they think the Holocaust garnered much more sympathy and reparations for Jews than African Americans have received as the victims of “the black holocaust” —slavery and Jim Crow.

Shortly after this event, Muhammad became the national chairman of the NBPP, making him the leader of the organization.

The event was held annually for three years with smaller crowds attending each year, never reaching anywhere near the million youths that the name described.

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