Tfs reports not updating

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I will also know note that the report project is in TFS source control as I read that has some adverse side affects. I don't understand the need for hidden menus like this..

I have marked the whole project for edit and also went to the folder structure and made sure everything was unset to read only. Click the report itself, then go up to View on the menu and at the very bottom there is "Report Data". Go into your solution folder, where the rdl's are stored and delete data file for your report.

) Anyways, at the end of the day it was faulty coding in my sproc that was causing the fields in SSRS not to refresh.From here you can select your dataset and go to its properties and refresh the reports attached dataset's fields. Next time you'll run the report, new file will be created and it will have all the new fields from the updated SP.ok, this maybe an older thread, but I kept running into the same problem on occasion.Recently I had a problem with some reports that are part of the Scrum for Team System add-in for TFS.The drop down list of sprints in the Sprint Burndown Report was only showing a subset of sprints defined in the system.

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