Teacher dating site uk

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I don't see him at all now but know he has gone on and got a good job.

I don't think he was adversely affected by our relationship.

It is becoming a much more common problem as sexual sophistication and knowledge increase among young people, says Kate Meyers - author of Teachers Behaving Badly?

It is wrongly assumed that, because of their age, authority and experience, teachers always hold power in relationships with pupils, she says.

But in my case I didn't feel I was taking advantage of anyone, it was an equal relationship. My affair with my music teacher started two weeks after my 16th birthday.

I would call it a relationship because it was more than just sex. They weren't teachers and once they met him it was easy for them to forget he was a pupil because he came across as so much older.

We never went out in public but would meet at my flat. I didn't teach him directly, so avoiding him at school wasn't too hard.

They were the adults in the relationship and should have known better, they should have said NO.

Being a parent myself, articles such as these worry me to death for the future of my child, whether the affects of the teachers actions have dented their students lives or not! It's irrelevant whether the pupil is over the age of consent or not as it is an abuse of power.

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