Tall woman dating sites

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If I have heels on and you find yourself feeling short, remember that you should feel like a badass for being with a tall girl.

I just wanted to hear anyones experiences with it, good or bad.Just avoid the guys who are all "You can't wear heels" or try to fight every guy who glances at your direction (Unless you're into that.)When I did date the taller girls I never felt "awkward" being around a girl that tall. People gave us odd looks and while I'm usually the type of guy who gets totally weirded out by strange social interactions in these situations I didn't give a fuck.Being around a girl that attractive I felt like "What did I do to deserve this?I am trying to date outside my comfort zone, he is 5 ft 7 and I am 5 ft 10.5. But, I think if we continue to date it will be easier. I met him on tinder and tinder doesn't tell you height so I didn't know how tall he was going to be on the first date. I'm dating a shorter guy and I was scared it would be a big deal but it definitely isn't, it's been great overall and the height difference never crosses my mind As a guy who's 5'8", it's my hope that the girl I meet one day is at least my height or taller. So if you're willing to give shorter guys a try, I hope you don't give up trying and that you don't feel bad about your height. I have a preference for taller women, and I've dated a few girls taller than me (5'9" to 6'1".)I totally get that you want someone taller than you. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.Good luck :)I find this is really a common thing with shorter dudes (guys under 5'10)... I'm a 5'8 woman (really 5'9 but I like to downgrade it lol) and I'm easily 6' in heels and I find it definitely draws in certain men more. Also given how supply and demand works in the dating world I can totally understand how you also "had no interest in dating someone who is shorter than [you]", too.

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