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Your level of SCA is closely tied to your sexual self-esteem: A showed that the more confidence you have in yourself as a sexual person, the more comfortable you’ll be not just with dirty talk, but with all kinds of sexual communication.

The study even showed that men with higher sexual self-esteem have a much easier time discussing birth control and STDs.

"Hopefully, your friend will tell you that being attracted to someone else isn't the same thing as having an affair," says Dr. What you need most is reassurance that you're perfectly normal, but you should keep the crush from escalating. Just be careful that the friend you confess your fears to won't share them, so that it won't get back to your husband (especially if your suspicions are unfounded). You're puzzled by his habit of (fill in the blank).But keep this in mind when you're talking to your confidante: "If you're only piling on gripes about your man, your friend isn't getting a complete picture, which makes it harder for her to help you," says Coopersmith. The good feeling you get when you're chatting with your friends is something you bring back to your bedroom, creating a positive loop, says Dr. Just make sure that you're not bragging and you're letting your friends chime in, too. Be careful here: The decision to procreate is something that ideally only involves you and your baby's future father.Try to give her the fullest story you can, so she can offer the best advice. Also, though many husbands or boyfriends love having their sexual prowess discussed, be sure he's OK with it before spilling too many intimate details. Though telling a friend about your desire to get pregnant is normal and can be helpful, be careful that you're not only talking to your friend.For years now, four fictional friends (let's call them Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte) have met for weekly brunches and weekend cosmopolitans, and discussed about every aspect of their sex and love lives.They simply can't get along without each other's advice and counsel. Women need friends to talk to about their romantic lives, in part because only talking to your partner is unhealthy, says Terri Orbuch, Ph D, professor, marriage and family therapist, and author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great.

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