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My husband and I are parents to our young daughter, and as I am the able-bodied parent, the hands-on parenting duties fall to me.Learn More David Hill is a huge Florida Gator football fan, a loving son, and an irrepressible optimist.And they really are a team, as the last nine years have melded them into a solid unit that can withstand anything, including paralysis and several failed attempts at In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Learn More Most couples who have gone through a SCI, as well as psychologists, often agree — if the couple was ironclad beforehand, then they have a stronger chance at making it through.When Lauren and Ryan first met in 2005, Ryan was able-bodied. Codi Darnell, a T11 para and the voice behind Help Codi Heal.com, is a living example of this.I broke my neck and almost completely severed my spinal cord. So instead of walking at graduation and spending the summer with my friends, excited about the future, I spent the next 6 ...Learn More Keeping the scales of life in balance is a tough chore for anyone.If you have any questions at all about your spinal cord injury, coping strategies, treatment options, or legal issues regarding an SCI case, please contact us right away!The sooner you can get these questions answered, the better.

Since recovering, his goal has been to help other survivors with his videos and raise awareness among the able-bodied population.In 2010, I was a sophomore playing for the Norwood High School varsity hockey team. We had a game against Weymouth on Saturday, January 23rd.It was a late afternoon game so all of the boys were excited to do something after the game.He is also a survivor of a C4/C5 spinal cord injury (SCI) that left him a quadriplegic.Yet, despite losing the use of his arms and legs, he hasn’t given up.

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