Social anxiety disorder and dating

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Social Anxiety Disorder is not the same thing as “just” being shy.

People who are afflicted want to have friends and live the same type of life as other people, but they worry about being rejected or embarrassed in certain social situations.

Some of us may become angry or irritable; some of us may be subject to “rants” of sorts.

So why do we criticize socially anxious people for their defense mechanisms simply because they are different from us?

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Here you will find 13 common behaviors of people who have social anxiety and how you need to respond in order to support them.Approximately 19.2 million Americans have Social Anxiety Disorder, a condition in which a person experiences intense fear of social situations.Typically, these people are afraid to interact with others, get nervous easily, are often self-conscious, and worry about what others might think of them.In your excitement, you cannot dismiss the anxiety of your loved one.Find ways to acclimate your partner to the change gradually or share some information on how to organize your move to another place without any extra mess, to give small incremental experiences in the new environment, so that they are not overwhelmed.

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