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With mobile payment processing for field service industries, you can collect payments while working in the field instead of having to wait.

Field service management platforms are changing the industry by enabling technicians of small, medium and large businesses to accept payments onsite.

As with printing directly from a webpage, you'll run into issues with the number of events that can fit on each day, and how much information about each event can be displayed.

To mitigate this, try creating a dedicated "print calendar" in Calendar Manager, and keep the number of events on each date as low as possible.

This doesn't get around the issue of information going out of date, but if your lunch menus are reasonably fixed and not likely to change in a month then this isn't as big of a deal.See below...), but different schools have different interests, of course, so a one-size-fits-most approach can be limiting.The alternative to the "hard-and-fast rules" approach would mean building a sophisticated and devilishly complex method of controlling calendar outputs, which would require non-trivial amounts of time and effort.Users with a printed calendar (such as a parent with a calendar on their fridge) may not know when an event is updated.And even if they do happen to notice or receive an alert, they may not be able to reprint a calendar right away, might forget, etc.

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