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But if the app takes off, we’ve got one more place to feel self-conscious about when to define a relationship as “official”—sending that presumptuous email invite to start a You&Me conversation could be the new “Facebook official.”And for those using the app for friends-only, the anxiety could be even higher: Which best friend is the one I’ll commit to?Let’s just say I won’t be surprised to hear that middle schools are being torn asunder, as girls and boys make their choices.But there’s one problem: “Text messaging is a really parsed-down method of communication that lacks subtlety,” says Di Donato.“There are lots of ambiguous things said via text message because there’s no non-verbal behavior accompanying those texts.” Looking at "k, see you later" can make it hard to detect if the person is actually enthusiastic to see you later, or passive-aggressively omitting exclamation points because they're annoyed that you said all craft beer tastes like expensive soap.If you glanced at my camera roll a few years ago, there was about a 70/30 ratio of actual photos I took versus text screenshots: empirical evidence of countlessly annoying dating experiences.

Plus, unlike a lot of messaging platforms, the messages are presented in a continuous stream, so you never have to pause and hit a “load more” button while enjoying some romantic nostalgia.That sounds contrary to the point of Snapchat, which deletes the image after a few seconds—but it actually makes sense.Schildkrout and fellow co-founder Brian Schechter set out to make an “ideal communication platform.” Like Snapchat, Instagram, and i Message blended and streamlined, You&Me provides a myriad of options for courting couples suffering through even a few hours of separation: They can send photos (with different methods of sending straightforward, silly, and sexy images), text messages, songs, videos, and audio recordings.But Between focuses on “moments,” and serves as a sort of collaborative scrapbook.If Between is like a Facebook that couples share in private, You&Me is a Snapchat that never disappears.

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