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Any or all of the following may be required: Health Certificate : Interstate health certificates must accompany dogs and horses entering nearly all states.About half have the same requirement for cats, birds and other pets.TRANSPORTATION Pets cannot be moved on the moving van.

Your agent can help you select the best way to transfer your pet, offer helpful suggestions, and assist with, or take care of, any necessary shipping arrangements. Take pet to veterinarian for checkup and health documentsapply for entry permit if one is needed; inquire about sedation for pet; obtain pet's health record; schedule second visit to vet if necessary; ask your vet to recommend a colleague in the new city. Representatives of the state department of agriculture are usually present at airports to inspect any pets arriving by air.In some cases, advance receipt of the health certificate by the destination state's regulatory agency is a prerequisite to entry of the pet.The health certificate must include a complete description of the pet, list all inoculations it has had, and state that it is free from infectious diseases.If moving to one of these, be sure your pet arrives within the valid period.Rabies Tag : All but four states require dogs to have rabies inoculation, and a number have the same regulation for cats.

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