Sap db02 not updating

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2010-07-06-.869000-300 I22006H392 LEVEL: Error PID : 1940 TID : 2804 PROC : INSTANCE: DB2 NODE : 000 EDUID : 2804 FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, common communication, sqlcctcpconnr, probe:33 MESSAGE : DIA3221E The service name "db2inst1c" was not found, TCP/IP function "getaddrinfo" error return code = "10109".

7796 data DB2 UDB DRDA Communication Manager sqljc Comm Connect fnc ( dip 19 cpid 25232 node 0 probe 10 bytes 445 Data1 (PD_DB2_TYPE_SQLCA,136) SQLCA: sqlcaid : SQLCA sqlcabc: 136 sqlcode: -1337 sqlerrml: 10 sqlerrmc: db2inst1c sqlerrp : SQLJCMN sqlerrd : (1) 0x81360012 (2) 0x00000012 (3) 0x00000000 (4) 0x00000000 (5) 0x00000000 (6) 0x00000000 sqlwarn : (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) sqlstate: Manually adding the entries to /etc/services file may add some accented symbols or characters after service name and tcp For Example : db2inst1iááááááááááá 3701/tcpáááá # IBM DDCS/AIX Gateway db2inst2cááááááááááá 3702/tcpáááá # Auth Client (user trusted) DB2/AIX Check your /etc/services file using any of the editors like : Utlta Edit/Notepad/Wordpad/Word for such accented "áááá" characters or symbols after service name and tcp. Remove such accented characters from the /etc/services file after service name and tcp and issue db2start command.

However, the table still needs to have a minimum of 500 rows as the minimum row threshold did not change.

As before the update of the statistics will apply the default sample rate which is dynamic and based on the # of rows.

Processes to supplement additional update statistics in SAP BW were implemented and documented with SAP OSS Note #849062 – ‘Optimizer statistics for Info Cubes in BW’.

When SQL Server introduced automatic update statistics with SQL Server 7.0 in 1998, the basic design was to keep track of the number of changes to a table.

This means for today’s SQL Server releases, if a column of a table would have been exposed to modifications which exceeded 20% of the # of rows in the table, an automatic update statistics would be triggered.

The update is executed against the index B-Trees including that column as leading column in the index or to the column statistics of such a column.

When the number of changes on a table exceeded a certain percentage threshold an automatic update of the statistics would be executed.

Over the next releases up to SQL Server 2005, several changes were made to the principal data collected in the statistics and the asynchronous update of statistics was introduced.

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