Russian customs and traditions dating

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Part of the Hasidic Jewish Culture is remaining isolated, which also includes staying segregated from non Frum Jews.

While married who go out to work will meet non Jews and non Frum Jews, they will try to abstain from exchanging ideas and philosophies.

After world war two, when hundreds of thousands of Jews immigrated to the USA, Israel and other European countries, the Hasidic and Yeshivish Rabbis tried to implement the old Shtetel life even in modern twenty first century society.

Frum Orthodox Jewish groups tried to live together in neighborhoods where they could continue with their Orthodox Jewish Traditions, Customs and Culture.

Although there is no Halachic rule against attending college, the practice is highly discouraged and against Hasidic Jewish Culture.

Men are encouraged to grow up to be Torah Scholars and Rabbis, while women are envisioned to grow up good housewives.

The women will be dressed according to their Jewish Tradition. No part of their body will be exposed except from their palm and face.

They will only wear skirts or dresses, for pants are forbidden.

The differences are basically in culture and lifestyle.

This Frum Jewish Culture dates back to the times of the Shtetel.

The Shtetel was a term used for small towns and villages where Orthodox Jews lived in groups totally isolated from the outside world.

The Hasidic stream was founded over 250 years ago by Rabbi Israel Baal Shem , and the Yeshivish stream by the Gr"a.

Both are very strictly observant and practice Jewish traditions of keeping isolated from the secular world.

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