Robin dunne dating

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Meanwhile, since John moved away to be closer to his grandchildren, Aida gets friendly with the movie director.

Another subplot has Martin preoccupied by the disappearance of his CIA partner, Rex, and leaves for South America at the end of the film to look for him.

The lead character is based on Aurora herself, but the actress playing her, Celia Shaw, is found murdered in her trailer.

Martin is suspicious of Robin who dated Celia Shaw briefly.

Aurora works on balancing her relationship with Martin with her efforts to solve the murder of the baby's father and the disappearance of his mother.

Aurora's friend and mystery author, Robin Daniels, is back in town because his book is being made into a film.

In this Real Murders Club, they get all too close a look as one of their members is bludgeoned in exactly the same manner as the crime to be discussed that night.

Did the old lady kill someone and leave Aurora to solve the mystery or was she being framed?Several others involved with the movie had their own problems with Celia.The plot thickens when the police find out that Celia was both poisoned and then clubbed since that made it obvious someone wanted to make sure she was dead.As Aurora begins digging into the murder, her house is broken into and someone mysteriously leaves her flowers and then a kitten.Tensions also rise between Aurora and Martin as they near one year of being together.

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