Radioactive dating graphs

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Or you may be down to four coins, and all of them come up as heads.

You should quickly see that there is no way of being able to predict exactly what will happen during each shake, but you can make good predictions about what should happen.

Then, if I wait 5.27 more years, half of the eight cobalt-60 atoms that were left should decay, giving me only four cobalt-60 atoms and a total of 12 nickel-60 atoms.

If I wait 5.27 years after that, half of the cobalt that remained will decay into nickel-60, giving me 14 atoms of nickel-60 and only two atoms of cobalt-60.

After watching this lesson, you should be able to: Did you know…

This is how carbon dating works, and it's used to determine how old an artifact is.

This continues for the rest of the movie until all of your popcorn is gone.

If we were to graph your popcorn eating during the movie, it may look something like this. First, your popcorn eating did not happen at a steady pace.

If that were the case, it would look more like a straight line.

What it shows is that you ate faster at the beginning than at the end, because more popcorn is consumed in the first 15 minutes than in the second 15 minutes.

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