Quake live stats not updating Rp chats naughty

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Traditionally id games are all Open GL based, so I would look at updating your Mac video card drivers for better / more mature Open GL support.

If there aren't any graphic driver updates available for the Mac, you might be out of luck -- I don't think Nvidia or AMD/ATI offer independent (direct from their website, not through Apple) driver updates.

I ended up changing my mouse sensitivity to be even higher because the zoom function really does slow things down a bit when aiming. I made sure to mention that in one of the guides I wrote.

Asif: I think there is a serious risk that new players will be put off by the learning curve.

It doesn't help that most of the Quake community is merciless when it comes to gibbing noobs.

Where I do think it will win over people, is that the game is a pure FPS.

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