Pros and cons of dating military Sexy chat to housewife

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This is a great motto to live by and one that many people choose to uphold when they join the military.There are more than 180 enlisted jobs within the Marine Corps, and the job ratio is heavily weighted towards those of combat jobs.This is why there are more men within the Marines then there are women, but that is not to say that women are not able to join the Marine Corps.It’s just another thing to add to the list of pros and cons depending upon who you are. Pride You will have the pride of working for the US military and defending your country in times of war.Being in a relationship with a truck driver will make you wait until he comes into town.You’ll feel quite all alone and staying at the house is boring.This situation is quite uncomfortable for most people who want to be in a relationship because they have no one around to enjoy life with.Trust issues are sure to arise in such a relationship.

And for a person with a problem of personal or emotional security, there is sure to have a feeling of unreasonable jealousy creating problems in your relationship.

This means that they are going to show you everything that you need to know in order to do your job. There are also various scholarships available to veterans and other bonuses from the government. Long Term Benefits If you complete 20 years in the Marines, as active duty, once you retire, you will be able to get your pension immediately.

You will go to specialized training following boot camp and you will continue to receive training in an ongoing manner throughout your military career, whether it ends at four years or you choose to make a lifelong career out of it. Free Education Even after you are out of the Marines, you may decide that you want to pursue another career. Many people who have served in the Marines will live off of this for the rest of their life, and it’s one of the primary incentives for staying in for a full 20 years.

You can stay connected to your person is through your phone when you need to feel closer to your man when he is absent.

The long distance relationship can sometimes make the bond stronger.

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