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Four-inch-deep drawers, with slides along the sides rather than the bottoms, hold spices, tea, hot pads, and assorted cooking paraphernalia; slots provide tidy storage space for cookbooks and serving trays.Buffing, stippling, and scraping gave the cabinets a timeworn look.A more detailed despciption of the Subject series is available through our online catalog, org.Abbott, William Abbruzzese, Anthony - alias Angelo Bruce Abel, Emmanuel M.The Kaihois' three-year-old daughter sits in the red Tripp Trapp high chair by Stokke.Kitchen designer Mick de Giulio created a homey kitchen with a retro feel in this Chicago home using yellow paint on the walls.Unfortunately, not only are their doors and parts no longer available in stores, if you want to freshen your look with something new, you're out of luck; cabinet dimensions differ between the two systems.We’d love to update the doors on your entire kitchen, that's what we do.

The collection is divided into two series: Subject (approximately 20%) and Alphabetical (approximately 80%) with the former covering events and the latter focusing on individuals and families.This beach house on Balboa Island, California sports a cheery pink refrigerator, curtains, lamp, and artwork.Owner Ursula Brooks says of the green color, "I didn't want the white house.Designer David Kaihoi used purple on the walls of the dining area outside of the kitchen in his family's small New York apartment.The velvet-covered banquette serves as plush seating at the dining table, draped in purple burlap from Elegant Fabrics.

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