Office communicator not updating my status

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The normal behavior is when one has a meeting that they create or were invited to in Outlook their Lync station changes to "Busy" once that meeting starts.I have confirmed her settings with mine, even reloaded her local copy of the Lync.If you're using Microsoft Outlook then Microsoft Lync offers you a number of additional Outlook-related options. Well, here’s one: you can have Lync display your Out of Office message to any of your contacts who have the Friends and Family, Workgroup, or Colleagues access level. Well, one way is to select the Display my Out of Office information to contacts in my Friends and Family, Workgroup, and Colleagues privacy relationships checkbox within Personal tab of the Options dialog box: Another way to configure this behavior is to modify the SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Communicator\Auto Retrieve OOFSettings registry value.

Closing and reopening both Lync and Outlook had no apparent effect.

In this case, the script enables showing your Out of Office message to the appropriate contacts; that's done by setting Auto Retrieve OOFSettings to 1.

To disable the display of your OOF message, set Auto Retrieve OOFSettings to 0: By the way, there's also a client policy property – the less than aptly-named Disable Presence Note property – that can be used to manage the Out-of-Office setting.

If you set your Oo OA to be turned on and off at a scheduled time, the Lync features will be activated when the start time passes.

The problem I had was that even when the end time had passed and Outlook’s feature had been turned off automatically, Lync’s feature remained on.

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