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I almost put a hand over my mouth to keep from crying out.

I looked up to see where he was looking and found his eyes locked on mine.

“My wife doesn't believe in oral sex,” Ashley blurted out. I was horny, he was obviously horny, and we were alone.

She moaned and sucked him, and if she was faking then they were using special effects. ” I was actually grateful he had finally opened the conversation up to something obviously sexual.

Too late to erase them like selecting words on the computer and hitting delete. I don't usually hang out in the basement with men old enough to be my father. Now it was just Rochelle's (the Nastassja look alike) father and I. I was kinda stuck at their house and the party moved into the basement. The evening wore on and slowly, slowly, people left. His smile told me he found this amusing, it also suggested flirtation. I looked down and to my horror a sticky, shimmering coating of my own juices covered my thighs. The couple was making out vigorously in an elevator.

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