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“Both paid large amounts of money and fear for their safety.“One was unemployed and sold personal items and borrowed money to pay the extortionists,” Balram said.“But as the scam develops, there’s a good chance it may include credentials from a fresh breach which would include updated information.” Crouch cautioned people never to pay any scammer.“Once you make that first payment, they will never go away.“A Dutch security researcher examined a few dozen of the Bitcoin addresses given in the emails, and found that they had received in excess of 000 (R700000) as of July 19, 2018.” He added that the passwords referred to would be an old password that may have been used years ago.“These passwords and user names most likely came from a data breach years ago and have been circulating on the internet for some time.

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However, she said: “People are urged to report similar incidents or any other criminal activities to the police.” Crouch said email scams involved messages with subject lines which included a password that victims had probably used at some point, or their ID numbers.He said his cases and those reported to Rusa appeared to be “different forms of the same scam”.Crouch said his clients had also been reluctant to report the matter to police for fear of embarrassment.Victims have been tricked into paying sums from R5000 to R35000, often in cryptocurrency, and most are too embarrassed to report them to police.A private investigator warned victims not to pay because the blackmailers never let them off the hook. People are being tricked into paying amounts between R5000 and R35000,” said Balram.

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