Mixed dating signals

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Even if a woman is attracted to you and has learned enough to feel like she’s really getting to know you, she might send mixed signals because she’s not sure whether you’re offering what she’s looking for.Sometimes, the issue might be a mismatch in commitment levels (where one of you wants something casual and the other is more interested in a serious relationship), and at other times she may be trying to figure out whether you have compatible future goals or could be happy in the long term.Maybe this is the reason why they say love makes the world go round.But, how long can you daydream, analyze, and have no conclusions to gauge the next move?

When you have at no point denied your crush on him, the slightest reciprocation from him has definitely put you at a disadvantage of vulnerability.He might be searching for his true mate to come along.The one with whom he can share his most intimate thoughts, deposit his deepest secrets, submit his nervous prayers, and build a life of absolute fulfillment.If this is the reason for mixed signals in your case, a bit of time and some further dates should resolve the situation by helping her get to grips with how she really feels about you.After all, she’s still learning about you, and we can only start to figure out whether we fit well with another person after we get to know them on a more meaningful level.

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