Lynched for dating a white woman

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There are many Black men out there who actually feel Black women are, and forgive me for being so blunt, generally ugly.And not just ugly, but uneducated, disgusting, and inferior.It is something that hard to talk about and gravely misunderstood.We see it everyday, but I think it happens to affect Black women and Black men differently.She has expressed that she and her husband often receive hateful comments coming from both the Black and white communities but has specifically been called a whore by those in the Black community. It was also quite common for the Negro bed wench to be a lighter skinned or mixed woman.

What's with the double standard and the disconnect?

Most would just chalk it up to racism, but is that truly what it is and if so, where did that disapproval come from?

We also often see a similar reaction from Black men when they come across a Black woman in a relationship with a white man.

Kodak Black semi-recently made a comment on an Instagram live stream that he didn't like Black girls, in a sexual way.

When asked if he liked actress Keke Palmer, the rapper responded, “Keke Palmer, she straight.

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