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Allowing myself to trust and be vulnerable was difficult, even after Missy, a 37-year-old former stripper from New Orleans, had been out of sex work for about a year when she and her current partner met on Ok Cupid.

Others, when they learned of my past, were obviously titillated.

According to a by the World Health Organization on addressing violence against sex workers, the stigmatization of sex work may lead partners or family members to think it acceptable to use violence to “punish” a woman who has sex with other men.

What’s worse, in focus groups and individual interviews with sex workers, a second by the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce found some women internalized the stigma and viewed themselves as deserving of punishment and abuse.

I’ve written elsewhere how—for me—one of the toughest parts of being someone with experiences in the sex trades was dating.

I believe the answer is obvious, but “Do prostitutes date and marry? Sex workers are often thought of as either morally corrupt, or else so dirtied or physically and emotionally damaged by our experience that our current or former occupations have rendered us undateable.

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