Is steve maraboli dating

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I was on the line this past week at the NYC Passport Agency … This stranger mentioned I should look into scar revision surgery. But in my head I am thinking please leave me alone. Some days they bring me comfort and remind me how much I have gone through and of my strength. They serve as proof that God is forever healing me. Realized that sometimes life becomes less about living and more about waiting … A complete stranger noticed my scar on my back, near my right shoulder blade. I was surprised because it’s been a part of me for 40 years – I forget it’s there. Forty years ago, no one was thinking beyond me getting healthier and growing old – not worrying about scars and plastic surgery.Recognized as a leading voice in the fields of Business, Peak Performance Mindset, and Human Behavior, Steve has been featured, referenced, or quoted in Inc.

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I struggle to find the tenuous line between what hurts me and what heals me. Some are inside of us, some are on the outside prominently and permanently on display.

I struggle in letting go of the past and keep moving forward.

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