Is invalidating

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You feel worried that if you walk home at night that it might put you in danger. You'll now also wonder if he's right and you're wrong. It kills part of your soul inside when it happens all the time. And you'll discover that when you stop letting others invalidate you, the approval of someone like that suddenly becomes unimportant.You tell your mate this and his response is that you're over reacting and stress about everything and to relax and stop worrying so much. If you can at this moment realize that your feelings have been invalidated then you can change the entire situation. You could also choose to say something like, "My feelings about this are important and I need to listen to them.What it means is that your life won't be controlled by this unmet need.If a person endures chronic invalidation, they may overcompensate in other areas.

It's an excellent course and well worth reading through.

The good news is that by becoming aware of this then you can start to dismantle all the beliefs that have kept you from living to your full potential.

Invalidation isn't necessarily someone being purposefully cruel. You could very easily be invalidating someone when you think you're being supportive.

In order to understand invalidation, you first need to know that everyone has basic emotional needs.

You're probably aware that humans have physical needs like food and shelter but you may not realize all humans have basic emotional needs as well.

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