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Positions Held: Researcher/ Petroleum research center. Coordinator of Universities affairs/ office of deputy minister of higher education. Ahmed Abu Bakir Hassan Bamirni — Iraq’s Ambassador to Rome – Italy Name: Dr. Occupation: Ambassador/ Iraq’s Ambassador to Sweden Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad- Iraq/ 1960. Ambassador in the Republic of Iraq-Ministry of foreign Affairs(2009). Ahmed Nayif Rashid — Iraq’s Ambassador to Cairo – Egypt Name: Ahmed Nayif Rasheed Occupation: Ambassador/ Iraq’s Ambassador to Cairo. Positions Held: 2001-2009: Professor at Baghdad University Faculty of Arts. A in English Language and Literature.• Diploma in English Language.• Diploma in IT. Position Held:• Currently: Iraq’s ambassador Sweden – Stockholm. Bassim Hatab Al-Tuma — Iraq’s Ambassador Canberra Australia Name: Bassim Hattab Habash Al- Tumma. • Head of the Economic department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Burhan Namik Salim Al-Jaff — Iraq’s Ambassador to Nairobi Name: Burhan Namik Salim Al-Jaff. Fakhri Hassan Mahdi Al-Issa — Iraq’s Ambassador to Belgrade – Serbia Name: Fakhri Hassan Mehdi Al-Issa. Place and Date of Birth: Basra – Iraq / 15 -1-1955. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Permanent Representation to New York Place and Date of Brith: Najaf – Iraq/ 20 -04-1958.

University lecturer/ Al-Nahrain University collage of science. Ahmed Kamal Hassan AL-Kamali — Iraq’s Ambassador to Sweden Name: Ahmed Kamal Hassan A- Kamaly. Qualification Attainment: Doctor of Philosophy, nine research in political sociology. Qualification Attainment: PHD in Literature – University of Baghdad /1992. Positions Held:• 2003-2010: Dean of the college of literature and Arts at University of Basra. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Cairo – Egypt, the Representative of Iraq to the Arab League. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Moscow Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad – Iraq/ 27-7-1970. Occupation: iraq’s ambassador to south korea Hisham Ali Akber Ibrahim Al-Alawi — Iraq’s Ambassador to The Hague Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Tokyo Place and Date of Birth: Swayira-Wasit-Iraq/ . Kahtan Taha Khalef — Iraq’s Ambassaor to Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Name: Kahtan Taha Khalaf Janabi. Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador Tunisia Marital status: Married. Qualification Attainment: BSc Electrical Engineering. Positions Held: Head of department of communication and information technology. Matheel Dhayif Al-Sabti — Iraq’s Ambassador to Helsinki – Finland Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Helsinki – Finland. Mouhammed Hussein Mouhammed Bahar Al-Uloom — Iraq’s Ambassdor to Permanent Representation to New York Name: Mouhammed Hussein Mouhmmed Bahar Al-Uloom.

Position Held:• Professor at the Baghdad University/Faculty of Languages.• President of Iraqi Translators Association 2005-2009.• Editor-in-chief Translation and Linguistic Magazine 2005-2009.• Journalist at Russia Today Channel. Fareed Mustafa Kamil Yassin — Iraq’s Ambassador to Washington D. C Date and place of Birth: Baghdad-Iraq/ 8-03-1956. Digital Equipment Corporation through Nippon Electric Company, Tokyo, Japan. • 2008-2010: Deputy Governor of Basra Province.• 2006-2008: Assistant Governor of Basra Province.• 2005: Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council.• 2003-2005: A member of the Governorate Council.• 1987 – 2003: Lawyer. Positions Held:• Sept/2014-2015: Ambassador in the Ministry Headquarter/ Head of Europe Department.• 2005-2013: Member of Parliament in the Iraqi Council of representatives for two legislative terms as an independent character to represent Baghdad Governorate, I have won a seat of the woman Quota.• Parliament Member in the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Council of representatives. D in the University of Minsk, Belarus 1983-1986 Mandatory Military Service 1979-1986 Student in the University of Mosul, Iraq Languages English, Russian, Swedish, Arabic and Syriac Scientific Research Papers and Published Articles ◇ Many papers in nuclear physics published in several journals and conferences ◇ Hundreds of articles in Arabic and Swedish regarding politics, nuclear weapons, environment and minorities issue in Iraq published in several newspapers and websites on the Internet Awards ◇ The Order of Sikatuna from the President of Philippines, April 2013 ◇ Award of (Proud Ambassador) Korean National Assembly with (NDN News), Seoul, Korea, September 2017 ◇ Korean Peace Award for 2017, National Assembly Peace Awards Committee and Federation of World Peace & Love, National Assembly Seoul, Korea, December 2017 Participations: ◇ Attendance of the 37th session of the Human Rights council in Geneva, Switzerland feb 2018.

Occupation: Iraq’s ambassador to United States of America – Washington D. Instructor through Hitachi Data System, USA, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico.• Group leader Engineer . Positions Held:• Iraq’s Ambassador to Astana – Kazakhstan, and non Resident Ambassador to the republic of Turkmenistan.• 2009: Ambassador at the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A of Public Administration and Political Sciences- Jordan University – Amman. 1992-2001 Lecturer in the College of Science, Al-Anbar University, Iraq 1986-1992 Studied PH.

Email Address: [email protected] Abdulrahman Hamid Mouhammad Al-Husseini — Iraq’s Ambassador to Algiers – Algeria Name: Dr. Ali Abas Bandar Al-Amri— Iraq’s Ambassador to Beirut – Lebanon Name: Dr. • 6/10/2009- 1/8/2010: Ambassador at the ministry of foreign affairs in Iraq.• Before-6/10/2010: university lecturer in both universities of Iraq and Al-Anbar and other offices. Occupation: Head of Communication & IT Department Place and Date of Birth: Kirkuk – Iraq/ 1956.

Positions Held: Ambassador at the Ministry Headquarter. Occupation: – Iraq’s Ambassador to Kuwait – Kuwait . Positions Held:• 28/8/2011- Current: Ambassador of Iraq.• 1/8/2010- 28/8/2011: Head of the press Department in ministry of foreign affairs in Iraq. Arshad Omar Ismael — Iraq’s Ambassador to Pretoria Name: Arshad Omar Ismaeel.

D in computer Science, College of Science- Al-Nahrain University, Iraq.• 1985: M. in computer Science, Informatics institute for Postgraduate studies-Iraq/ICCI.• 1980: B. Sc AL-Nahrain University – Collage of Science.1990: B. Marital status: Married father of 5 daughters and 2 sons. Qualification Attainment: Bachelor in Mathematics, College of science /University of Mustansiriya / Baghdad- Iraq. 2009- Current: Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Positions Held:• Head of department of Human Rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq.• Head of African Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq. • Since October 2009: Ambassador, Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Belgrade – Serbia Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad-Iraq/ 1-07-1951. Civil Engineering London South Bank University (2009). Positions Held: Iraq’s ambassador to the Republic of Finland.2009: Ambassador – Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Republic of Iraq.2007-2009: Civil Engineering (River Engineering) – Halcrow Group Limited – London/United Kingdom.2005-2006: Civil Engineering (Building Engineering) – ZBN-Nottuln /Germany.1994-1996: Civil Engineering (Reinforced Concrete Structures) -the great man-made river/Libya.06/1994-11/1994: Civil Engineering (Building construction) -Ali AL- karaki Company/AL- Karak /Jordan.1991-1994: Civil Engineering (Structural Design of Building) -the National Centre for Engineering Consultancy – Ministry of housing-Baghdad/Iraq.1991-1989: Civil Engineering (Building Construction and Structural Design)-Private sector-Baghdad/Iraq. Abdullah Hassan Salih — Iraq’s Ambassador to Jakarta-Indonesia Name: Abdullah Hassan Salih Al-Jubori. Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad –Iraq/ 22 -6 -1962. in Civil Engineering, College of Engineering-Baghdad University (1983). Ali Yassin Muhammad Kareem — Iraq’s Ambassador to Islamabad – Pakistan Name: Dr. Occupation: Iraq’s Ambassador to Islamabad – Pakistan. Qualification Attainment:• 1988/1993: MA in topographic surveying/ the afore-mentioned university.• 1987: Studied the Russian language at the University of Gorny in Moscow. 2018 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of Korea May.In Iraq’s post-conflict context, there are approximately 1.8 million internally displaced persons and 6.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.

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