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It usually occurs over time, developing a pattern of mistreatment that can negatively affect an employee's mood, productivity, and even mental and physical health.No two workplace intimidation situations are exactly the same.This argument says that your employer promised to protect you from workplace intimidation and failed to do so.This kind of claim depends on the specific language of your employee handbook or company policy.The bigger your company, the more likely it is that there are steps you can take internally to report the abuse.

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When your boss or coworker is subjecting you to workplace bullying, you can feel you have no choice but to quit.When physical or verbal conduct is based on a person's sex or gender, it can violate federal and state laws against sexual harassment.Minor, one-time occurrences may not be enough to create a cause of action.Find out what workplace intimidation is, and how you can stop it.In this blog post, I will explain what workplace intimidation is and provide examples of bullying conduct.

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