How to deal with intimidating people

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Once there was this girl who was a bartender flirting with me every day.

Well one day she starts treating me badly and flirting with my boss instead and my boss is like "well that is just the way it goes." I felt so heartbroken that I quit the next day because I couldn't handle the emotional destruction.

I was doing work training on a computer, basically doing unrelated stuff, but the guy just decided to passively shit on me since I was sitting next to them. I have to get over it obviously since nothing short of hitting people will solve this problem.

I get so enraged that it becomes socially unacceptable.

You need to restructure your frame of mind so that the factors that influence your dysphoria are now factors that lead to confidence. and even when you do notice or feel passionate about something. And think a lot of people hold those thoughts to themselves.

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Edit: I dont actually think anyone is better than me, but its an emotional thing rather than a knowledge thing.It is not because you get passed around by the popular kids. This show fantasizes what people think suicide is about. It is not the pretty girl who gets all the attention from the popular kids. Apparently in this high school, everyone knows Hannah. And then the ending says that Clay should have been there for her more. Stop fucking around and start being a nice person who actually gives a shit about life.It is not the pretty girl who makes friends with the wrong people, and ignores the right ones. Suicide is not getting revenge on all of those who hurt you. The pretty girl with all of the attention is not going to kill herself because she loses friends that do her wrong. Each episode follows Hannah Baker while focusing on a tape of why a certain person led her to kill herself. Suicide is not a tape explaining to someone why they made you kill yourself. He was in love with her and never did her wrong, but that just wasn’t enough. It seems like no one is upset over the fact they’re hearing a dead girls voice tell them that they assisted her suicide.

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