How to be friends after dating

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I feel like if I just shut my exes completely out of my life, the hooking up wouldn’t have ever happened and the are-we-together-or-are-we-just-hooking-up-post-relationship crap that kept me from moving on never would have happened either. If you want to be with that person romantically and all they want is a friendship, the dynamic between you two will always be skewed.When he says “friends,” he probably just wants an acquaintance.I just don’t believe that there are guys out there chomping at the bit to like and comment on their exes’ Instagram pics with new dudes. Similarly, they certainly don’t want to talk about how you’ve moved on.In addition to celebrating and supporting you, friends also listen to you talk about the happenings in your life.While Lora was there, she hung out with each person separately.Things went smoothly, but a week later, she found out the two were now dating on a Face Time call with her friend.

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Declaring that you’re friends now even though you’re not officially together kinda does that and in my experience, it makes things super complicated.Your relationship with someone is usually a big happening and a big topic of discussion.I don’t know any exes who have willingly wanted to listen to me go on and on about my new boyfriend and our plans together. He doesn’t want to be your friend, he just wants to check up on you.Then, her best friend started dating her ex — something Lora felt in part responsible for because she had encouraged the two to sync up.My ex moved to a new city and was lonely,” Lora says.

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