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So kids can make nude video calls with Face Time and there is no record of it. And with the i Touch being a handheld device those nude video calls could happen just about anywhere. The continued rise of sexting among teens says otherwise.

Kids using Face Time for nude video calls will happen. Be aware of the potential danger of an i Touch with Face Time (I think we have that covered).

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Up until now it's been a little more challenging than that.

For example back in April he said, according to Tech, “we do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the i Phone.” I applaud Steve and Apple with their stance.

With Face Time the video call is not saved anywhere.If your kids have one, talk to them about the dangers of nude video calls and the legal ramifications (see my blog titled “The Sexting Craze” for more details).Also, Apple gives you the ability to turn off Face Time.That brings us to Apple’s newly announced updated i Touch (an i Phone without the phone part or an i Pod on steroids). This is very cool technology but just like drunk drivers can turn cars into something dangerous kids can turn Face Time into something dangerous.What has me concerned about the newest version of Apple’s i Touch? Sexting (sending nude pictures via text messaging or the Internet) has been a major problem across the country.

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